Old Updates Timeline

Some of you may know, I stopped developing MADHOUSE back in 2009. and a year after that I also deleted this website. Well, I put update timeline below for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately I won’t continue with developing MADHOUSE, but I will keep this website and here I will blog about games, my current projects and other things. I hope you will find this new madhousegame.com website useful and if you are hardcore gamer I know you will enjoy reading my blogs.

Currently I’ve been working on some scripts for high end games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, and some other games. We are now building and writing scripts and so called hack tools. These are high end tools made for hardcore gamers to help them stay competitive, and if you play Call Of Duty you should check our recent Black Ops III cheats tool. Also if you play other complex games, then you should bookmark our website and check it from time to time, because we will probably review a lot of other cheating tools like this one.

10/31/08 – Hi all and Happy Halloween! It’s been a year since I last released a Madhouse update on this site and almost as long since I did any work on the PC game. As many of you may know, I started designing the game as a Nintendo DS title, but unfortunately that prospect never saw the light of day.

Now, a year later, I am pleased to make this special announcement: Madhouse is being re-developed as an online game! I have already started work on this project and I am very excited about it. I will also be employing the help of Madhouse fans from the GM community to help make sure this project runs smoothly, so expect to see updates!

I can’t say for sure when this game is going to be made publicly available, but I hope to have a functioning online beta before the end of this year (2008). The full game is planned for sometime in 2009 with the addition of add-on content to follow afterwards. New features in MHO include:

+ Online Versus Mode gameplay for up to 4 players
+ Completely re-programmed to feature tighter, more streamlined mechanics and controls
+ Retains the classic theme and design of the original game
+ Polished, updated sprites and alpha effects
+ 8-directional player movement
+ Add-on content including new stages, characters and weapons

I’m expecting this project to be a great success, so be sure to stay tuned!

10/31/07 – Happy Halloween! To celebrate, here is the latest version of MADHOUSE! Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of additions to content in this version, but returning players may notice a complete graphical overhaul of the game. Aside from this graphical polish and the fixing of a few bugs, this version includes the Sewers Versus Mode stage. The reason this update is lacking on content and may be the last update is for a reason that many of you already know. To those who don’t, take a moment to gather yourself together while I explain. There is the chance that this game may be coming to the Nintendo DS. That’s right, you heard me! I’ve been in contact with the president of a game developing studio here in San Francisco who is interested in helping me create this game as a DS title. Since this excellent prospect surfaced, I have devoted all my time and energy into writing the design document for MADHOUSE DS. If this game is published, it is likely that it won’t be continued on the PC as a GM game. However, as a DS game MADHOUSE will benefit from WiFi Versus Mode, Story Mode, and more epic gameplay features such as more advanced boss battles! For more information, please be sure to visit the new and Official MADHOUSE Forum that was recently launched. Hope to see you there!

08/08/07 – A new level, the Mansion, has been added to Arcade Mode. Also, Arcade Mode now features coins that spill from the enemies when they are killed and two shops on the world map where you can go to spend them! There is also an intro sequence for Butch that will give players a taste of what’s to come for the upcoming story elements of the game (mind an instance of profanity). Some minor but noticeable changes would be boss doors that shut you in the boss room (no more coming and going as you please with bosses!) and Dolly’s color palette has been changed (she now sports a pale blue dress and her hair isn’t as bright). And as always, there are tons of fixes and improvements that the average player probably won’t even notice, but help to improve the overall quality of the game. Enjoy!

06/18/07 – The long-awaited update that fans have been waiting for is finally here! As usual, there are plenty of fixes and improvements over the last version that you may or may not notice, but the most notable changes in this version are in Arcade Mode and Surival Mode. In Arcade Mode, the Sewers have replaced Ragman’s Trainyard stage because I felt that the upcoming Junkyard stage would be too similar to the Trainyard. Survival Mode has been overhauled with a new scoring system; now players can boost their score by getting multi-kill combos! And perhaps the most shining feature to this update is the online hi-score table for Survival Mode! Now players can compete for the top score and check their results on this website! Returning visitors may also notice that there have been changes to the website itself; it has been completely re-designed and the Media section now contains some of my own original artwork for MADHOUSE, as well as some fan art!

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